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The National Municipal Councils Association (NMCA)

The National Municipal Councils Association (NMCA)
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12 mai 2021

Supporting and developing municipal councils and developing their resources to be able to achieve a decent standard of living and the social and cultural well-being of their citizens within the framework of rational local governance.

Decentralized local governance capable of achieving sustainable development with the participation of all segments of society.
The association cares about the following :

  1. A permanent focus on bringing about the required positive change.
  2. Seek to solve the problems of municipalities and the local community.
  3. Find solutions to the difficulties facing all sectors to provide services to society and provide technical and technical assistance to them according to the available capabilities.
  4. The training and development process for members and employees of municipalities and the positive changes that occur to them and their performance.
  5. Avoid crises before they occur based on indicators and studies in this regard, according to the available capabilities
  6. NMCA asserts that its composition is far from factional, racial, regional or tribal demands.

NMCA Goals

  1. Paying attention to local affairs and enhancing the role of municipal councils in local and national development in accordance with the powers conferred upon them by law.
  2. Strengthening the role of municipal councils in setting a vision and mechanism for socio-economic development.
  3. Introducing the municipal councils’ achievements and defending their interests.
  4. Laying the foundations for relations and the mechanism of cooperation and partnership with all relevant governmental institutions, national and international non-governmental organizations, bodies and associations.
  5. Strengthening the ties between the municipal councils and coordinating between them in a manner that creates harmony and encouraging work within the framework of integration and synergy in taking responsibility for citizen service.
  6. Emphasizing the principle of national unity among all municipalities, achieving societal peace, and rejecting all forms of intolerance and hate speech.
  7. Establishing work mechanisms and establishing a network for exchanging opinions and experiences regarding local administration and regulations related to internal systems.
  8. Propose draft laws and regulations that are concerned with the local sustainable development.
  9. Contribute to all forms of legal, social and economic dialogue aimed at development, spatial justice and the development of decentralization.
  10. Contribute to supporting the field of training and development and raising the efficiency, skill and ability of the local team and municipal council employees.
  11. Coordinate the positions of municipal councils in international forums and conferences of international and local organizations.
  12. Work to find financing mechanisms and technical support for municipal councils.
  13. Supporting women’s participation to contribute to achieving services at the local level.

NMCA operates according to policies determined and drawn by the general assembly when it is held12, according to the terms and regulations of the association’s statute that is approved upon incorporation. These policies are implemented by the General Secretariat, which is the executive body of the Association.
The Association also seeks independence, in spite of the division taking place in Libya, it has projects and programs in various regions of Libya. It also follows different and approved methods of communication between members, in addition to the periodic meeting and various communication platforms for exchanging opinions, proposing initiatives, proposals, consultations and benefiting from experiences and expertise. NMCA achieves goals through its organizational structure.

NMCA and Municipalities
Among the most important goals of the Association is to defend the interests of municipalities, enhance the role of municipal councils in the field of local development, and strengthen the role of municipal councils in setting a vision and mechanism for economic, social and cultural development, as well as work to coordinate relations and cooperation between municipal councils, as well as publicizing their achievements and other goals that have a direct relationship with municipalities. Despite the challenges it faced, the Association’s insistence to achieve its goals through studies and reports, setting up forums and programs for exchanging experiences between municipalities, organizing workshops related to Law 59 and developing recommendations and amendments as well as analyzing the challenges facing municipal councils, as well as working to determine the priorities that must be worked on by the councils. All this positively affected the municipalities, as it encouraged the municipalities to join and adhere to the Association so that their voice is more audible. Despite the political division taking place in the country, the number of members of the association reached 61 municipalities, 52 % of 114 Municipalities.

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