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State of African Cities 2018

The geography of African investment
ISBN Number (Volume) : 978-92-1-132807-3
ISBN Number (Series) : 978-92-1-133397-8

19 juillet 2018

This fourth report in UN-Habitat’s State of African Cities series parallels the Addis Ababa Action Plan of Financing by seeking to outline how Africa can consider financing its development strategy through foreign direct investment (FDI) in African cities. A common trait today is Africa’s massive investment gap in domestic and urban economies, infrastructure and human resources.
The report argues that African nations should search for the best trajectories for their own development, taking into account their country and city-specific locational advantages and disadvantages in attracting more and more equitable international investments from public and private sources. This should be done with the overarching goal of accelerating Africa’s structural transformation a large scale shift from growth dominated by the primary sector, to one led by manufacturing, service and knowledge-intensive industries.

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