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Ngora District - VLR- 2020

Voluntary Local Review report
Ngora District
March 2020

The VLR in Ngora district targeted to review the level of implementation of agenda 2030, SDGs and African agenda 2063, which was achieved as all the 5 Lower Local Government (LLGs) were consulted through Focus Group Discussions and recording of group perceptions interviews. The other objective was to encourage continuous VLRs within Ngora district as well as other Local Governments. From the validation meeting conducted at the district, stakeholders agreed to continuously monitor actions agreed as well as monitor the level of implementation of agenda 2063, SDGs agenda 2030.

The district targeted to increase learning from lessons picked across other Local Governments, cities and countries through Voluntary National Reviews. For instance, Zimbabwe is able to compare localities since they are in more than one locality, Accra has integrated the VLRs within the ongoing processes thus reducing the costs of conducting VLRs The draft review report was presented at the Sixth Session of Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development that took place in Zimbabwe from 24th to 27th February 2020 as part of sharing and learning for better implementation of sustainable development agenda at the sub-national level.

The last objective was to inform development processes through the recommendations and lessons generated from the VLR. This report was timely as Ngora District was preparing her next 5-year Development Plan 111 for the period 2021/16 - 2024/25 Therefore, most of the issues that came out of the review have been incorporated in the new plan. In order to elaborate the findings from this voluntary local review, the survey was able to analyse the context of the study by looking at Ngora within national location as well as Ngora as district politically, geographically and how its governance structure is placed in line of the sustainable development agenda as seen below.

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