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Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ)

Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ)
4th Floor, Civic Centre, Independence Avenue, Lusaka
Tel : +260 2112 56766
Fax : +260 2112 56766
Email : Lga.zambia (@)
Web :

12 mai 2021

The Local Government Association of Zambia (LGAZ) was formed, advocacy and representing, protecting and promoting the interests of local authorities and local government, are the core business of the Association. To this end, the Association brings together individual member local authorities, with all their differences trying to combine their common experiences, potentials, shared interests, concerns and needs. In addition, the Association is involved in analysing legislation and policies that impact on member local authorities.
Views of member local authorities are also represented by the Association at the national level organs of the governance structure. Other services of the Association to its members include the dissemination of information that has the potential to enhance local authority knowledge and performance, emphasis on a uniform approach when dealing with generic issues, to simplify procedures or protect their interests. The Association also sometimes endeavours to provide a platform for training and sharing knowledge.

The main objective of LGAZ is “promoting and protecting the interests and autonomy of local government authorities”. In recent times, however, the Association has played the role of facilitator of decentralisation, sustainable development and local democracy. Other functions of the Association include capacity building to ensure institutional effectiveness of its member local authorities. In pursuit of its lobby and advocacy as well as service provision role, therefore, the Association works in two directions :
1) With respect to the linkage with central government, LGAZ strives to enable local government to be heard, to be consulted and to be represented at that level. For example, the decentralisation of responsibilities does not always coincide with the distribution of matching resources which places the Association in a strategic and strong position as a united voice to lobby for proper financial compensation and local tax-raising powers ; and
2) With regard to its member local authorities, LGAZ strives to provide support and services as well as helping to build their capacities.

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