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Accueil / Africités / Johannesburg 2015 / Land Based Financing of urban infrastructure

#AF7 Land Based Financing of urban infrastructure

African Center for Cities African at the University of Cape Town
Mr. Ian Palmer


The rapid growth of African Cities brings with it a burgeoning demand for infrastructure. But the finance available to Cities to build this infrastructure is constrained. Therefore opportunities offered by land-based financing are therefore most important. The African Centre for Cities has recently completed a significant research project on this topic and the findings from this research will provide the primary input this session. It will deal with the nature of urban infrastructure, the institutions involved in providing infrastructure, an overview of capital financing options and specific opportunities for using land-based finance.
This will include :

  • The role of property developers in providing and/or financing infrastructure ;
  • The role of Cities in raising finance associated with property developments benefiting from improvement of infrastructure ; and
  • Associated policy considerations. Findings from case studies from African counties will be included.


Ian Palmer,
Stephen Berrisford,
One of the ACC team’s non-SA researchers and either another non-SA team member or an international expert.

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