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Councillor workbook

A councillor’s workbook on the role of leaders and cabinet members during the COVID-19 pandemic & Emergency response structures during the COVID-19 pandemic
Local Government Association
Edition COVID-19

19 mai 2020

This workbook examines the role of leading members in responding to the COVID-19 emergency. The intended audience for the workbook is council leaders, elected mayors, cabinet members and deputies. It is a learning and development aid to support work on the COVID-19 response and recovery. The workbook has been designed to support leading members in working through a range of pivotal issues :
• exploring the key issues facing local councils and councillors in organising their ongoing response and working with partners
• reviewing how local councils have responded to the COVID-19 emergency and its far-reaching impact on all aspects of local government
• the critical role played by local political leaders, including considering appropriate political leadership styles
• considering the purpose and functioning of the cabinet and individual cabinet members in response to COVID-19
• examining changes to governance arrangements, decision-making and meetings
• exploring developments in community leadership and community resilience
• recognising the very ‘personal’ side of COVID-19 and how councillors look after themselves and others during the initial emergency and beyond.

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