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Busia County voluntary reporting on SDGs

Busia county

Busia County Government has been implementing Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2030 through a multi-stakeholder approach system by designing programs that advance the three dimensions of SDGs namely : Economic Growth, Social Inclusivity and Sustainable Environmental Protection. Data from the KNBS report for 2017 placed the County at a poverty index of 67,6.
This is driven by the inequalities in resource allocation and distribution, the large size of households and the high number of female -led households, food poverty and poor infrastructure.
In order to reverse this trend, it has focused mainly on boosting agricultural production, promoting well being and building resilient infrastructure while focusing on environmental protection. The county is shifting the distribution of incomes to favour the poorer citizens and to strengthen its labour markets. It is also keen on promoting peaceful co-existence amongst its citizens in order to be able to attract and build strong partnerships that can help finance its development priorities.

This review was carried out in order to track the progress on the state of implementation of county development programs in line with the SDGs. It seeks to identify gaps, resources needed and the capacities and partnerships to be built across departments while focusing on leaving no one behind.

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