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Addressing the overlooked role of African cities in preventing and countering violent extremism

A mapping of needs and priorities
Eric Rosand, Isel van Zyl, Jon Jones and Charlotte Moeyens
European Union

23 septembre 2022

This report maps the needs and priorities of cities and other local authorities in Africa for preventing and countering violent extremism. It explores where enhanced involvement of these local actors could help catalyse and sustain efforts towards locally led, whole-of-society approaches to violent extremism and related challenges. It also identifies steps to address these needs and priorities, including through the development of training and other capacitybuilding tools, and the involvement of existing multilateral bodies and platforms, including the Strong Cities Network.
The report is informed by a series of consultations with national and local government officials, civil society organisations, researchers, and multilateral bodies across Africa, as well as donors. It examines the threat landscape across Africa, with a focus on local dimensions and perspectives of the threat. It then maps the current P/CVE ecosystem across the continent, including the strengths and limitations of existing regional, national, civil society, and local authoritylevel efforts, as well as the barriers to local authorities’ involvement in prevention. Finally, this report provides a series of practical, policy-relevant recommendations for overcoming these barriers and, more broadly, for enhancing the involvement, leadership and impact of cities and other local authorities in addressing violent extremism and related challenges facing their communities.

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